Reihan, Shaked, Sat 21.5.11, Morning

Rachela H. Noa L. (reporting)

0720 -0750 Tura-Shaked checkpoint

There are not too many waiting; People, vehicles and herds of sheep all go through , on both direction, without delays. One man turns to us for the second time asking that the gate would open at 0600 instead of 0700. At 0700 there is already a long line which slows passage and increases pressure and frustration. Opening the gatesinfo-icon at 0600 would be a significant improvement for those going through.

0800-0830 Barta'a-Reihan checkpoint

There is activity at the checkpoint. There is a new addition to the party venue, a metal construction frame - a future roof or a shed - in front of the closed building used for vehicles' inspection prior to entering the Seam Line zone. Another shed was added over the playground on the way to the sleeveinfo-icon where the cabbies await their passengers. There is no line at the entrance to the terminal, and traffic streams along on both directions while people report that "today it's ok".

An elderly man tells us that his passage permit is due to expire in two days (he own a store in Barta'a) and despite his request from the DCO, he gets no answer. We gave him telephone numbers for inquiries.