Reihan, Sun 8.5.11, Morning

Ruthi T., Yoheved A., (Reporting)

Translation: Bracha B.A.

06:55 – Shaked-Tura Checkpoint

The gate is still closed.  Seven soldiers arrive at the same time we do.  The school principal's car is already waiting.  The checkpoint opens.  The principal passes through the checkpoint every day but nevertheless he has to undergo the entire checking process.  Two students from the school in Yaabed and two students studying in Nablus are checked.  Schoolchildren have only their bags checked, while the students pass through the inspection facility.

A herd of goats passes through in the opposite direction from the West Bank, together with a donkey.  Traffic begins to increase in both directions and from our side three cars are waiting.  Vehicles are stopped in both directions.  Passengers get out, have their documents checked, and then enter the inspection facility and return to their cars a few minutes later.  Cars are checked – sometimes even under the hood and the boot.  About 20 people are waiting at the entrance to the building.

 At 07:10 a car pulls up and more and more children get out – 17 in all.  They are from Um a-Reihan and are on their way to school in Yaabed.   Each child stops while a soldier quickly checks their schoolbags and then goes to wait for their transport to school.  The driver gets out to be checked and the vehicle is checked as well. After he drives through the children get in again and they continue on their way. More children arrive and the soldier checks their bags as well.

7:25Another group of girls and boys arrives together with a car carrying three passengers. The driver and two women get out but the old man remained in the car. Another elderly man asks them to give him permission to get in the car and he is given permission. The elderly men do not get out to be checked, and only their green ID cards are checked. All the passengers are checked as well as the car and at one point Ruthi calls to the soldiers and reminds them that the car has already been waiting for 20 minutes.

Another small herd passes through the checkpoint with a shepherd.  There is traffic in both directions but no delays.  We left at 07:55.

08:02 Reihan Barta'a Checkpoint
There are many flags decorating the checkpoint, in honor of Independence Day.  11 trucks full of merchandise are waiting to cross from the West Bank to the seamline zone.  None of them moved to the inspection facility the entire time we were there.  Seven cars drove up to the inspection area.

The checkpoint at Jalameh is closed for four days because of the holiday.  A shop-owner from Um El Fahem attempts to cross at Reihan checkpoint but is refused.  There is no entry to Israel for work or business.

At the entrance to the terminal from the sleeveinfo-icon there are signs saying "Welcome to the Inspection Point" but most of the Arabic writing has been erased.  Signs with instructions are written in Hebrew and there is no Arabic writing left.  Ruthi photographed them.  We follow a man in his progress through the terminal and see him come out after 10 minutes.

Ruthi attempts to photograph the main area with the flags but we are soon surrounded by security guards, and Moti orders her to erase all the pictures, including the photo of the sign.

We left at 09:00.  We saw that a sunshade has been put up next to the playground.  Now all they need is a bench for mothers to sit on while their children play.