Reihan, Shaked, Wed 4.5.11, Morning

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Hedva heller, Nava Raveh

08:15 Shaked-Tura checkpoint

Cars crossed without any special problems.

09:00 The checkpoint was closed for a break.

09:10 Reiha-Barta'a checkpoint

Hedva brought Ali's father to the checkpoint, He had returned from a visit with his hospitalized son at Rambam hospital and with in five minutes had crossed the terminal on his way to the West Bank.

09:15 Two trucks with agricultural produce and two vans had entered the inspection area. Only four drivers waited at the Palestinian car park.

Whoever arrived at the terminal went through. The civilian security person who sits in the booth made it his business to say "Shukran" to those crossing over who followed his instructions.

10:20 We left a "quiet" checkpoint. It is a common knowledge that the calmness is a result of the strict policy of limiting passage of Palestinians between the West Bank and the Seam Line zone as a measure of protecting the settlements. There are quite a few whom the Occupation force bars from crossing and they do not bother to come to the checkpoint.