Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Thu 28.4.11, Morning

Natanya G. Yehudit K (reporting), Mohammed (Driver), David S. (guest)

To cut matters short it can be reported that the whole route from Be'er Seba via Sansana and Route 60 to Hebron was absolutely quiet. From Beth Hagai to the entrance of Bani Naim, there were masses of soldiers and military vehicles and a great commontion of officers. Turns out it was "just" a military exercise.

Hebron was quiet, the silence of occupation bearing heavy upon it. We met a woman from the CPT who told us that the army had raised two new walls along Shuhada Street but we couldn't locate them. We parted regretfully from Netanya who is off on extended holiday abroad. It remains to be seen how the Tel Rumeida grocery store well survive without her (and we, too, will miss her).

On the way back Muhammed and David returned alone to Beer Sheva and were held up at Sansana for 15 minutes, including a search of the vehicle.