Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Sun 1.5.11, Morning

Yehudith K., Yael Z. (reports)


No line at checking point, the workers were already crowded around the vehicles on the Israeli side.

The merchants on the Palestinian side complained that their cars were had been detained/taken hold of by the (Israeli?) authorities in order to stop the sale phenomenon. We couldn't help but handed the "magic number" of the Humanitarian Office.

One worker was waiting for his boss to help him through – his papers were valid but he wasn't allowed in. Moti, the CP manager was very kind and willing to check but finally couldn't help either. On our way back the man was no longer waiting there…

Route 60

Deserted, no cars or pedestrians along the road. May 1st appears to be a holiday for schools and business.

On our way back, we observed more military vehicles. At Dura Elfawwar soldiers were checking cars and passangers' documents. It seemed to proceed in an orderly and efficient manner.


No special events, the city was clean and silent, most of the shops were shut and so were the schools. Even the pitta man was nowhere to be seen.