'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 2.5.11, Afternoon

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Hana H., Yocheved G.

13:00 A'neen checkpoint

Eight Palestinians and 5 tractors go through. This tremendous number of people is guarded by 4 soldiers.There are no extra permits for people who wish to cultivate their lands.  One farmer complains that his 80-year-old father also wants to see his land but he has no permit to cross the checkpoint.

15:30 Shaked checkpoint

The usual procedure; vehicles come and go and as reported yesterday, whoever arrives on site is required to get off his vehicle get inside the inspection cabin to have his papers checked. Following that he can get back to the car, drive through and only then the vehicle goes under inspection.

The teacher who crosses over daily at the very same time needs to follow this same procedure, as if he has been there the first time.

16:00- Reihan Checkpoint

Workers who left this morning through the Teibe checkpoint are returning home now. They report that by now things are "ok" over there. They open at 04:00 am. except for Friday when the gate is opened at 05:00 and they ask , why?

Traffic streams along because the turnstile is open all the time and despite the many people arriving  at this time, there is no crowding and even two windows are operational.

But all of a sudden the turnstile is blocked, people have to line up and there is grievance. Again we observe this phenomenon where a few of those coming out hinder traffic of those entering and on top of that only one window is open.

16:30- This does not make sense; Such crowding and only one open window.

It is hot, people want to get home after a long day of work.

Why block the turnstile at this specific time?

3 illegal aliens wait on the bench