Habla, Azun, Flamia, Anabta

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Anthya S, Aviva H (reporting)


07:00  We arrive to see a long line of people waiting at the gate.  A military vehicle arrives and the soldiers get organized to start working.

07:10  Five people are allowed through the gate and are checked through.

We remained at this gate till 07:40.  When we left there were approximately 40 people waiting to go through.  Progress through the gate was very slow taking approximately 5 to 10 minutes for each group of five.

Several vehicles were passed through as well (donkey, bulldozer, and a car)

Those who came through the gate complained to us about the new hours of operation at this gate and the slow processing.  We returned to the area close to 10 AM and met several people who said that some didn’t get through till 9 AM which is a late start for the work day.


07:50  We were surprised to see a fully manned military hummer at the entrance to Azun (just outside of the yellow gate).  The soldiers did not stop anyone but were just there.  We passed by again close to 09:00 AM and the vehicle was still there.


08:10   The gate was open, one or two people crossed without delay. 

Route 55

On Route 55 we noticed several more hummers parked along the side of the road.


09:10  The checkpoint was open and not manned.   Vehicle traffic passed through undisturbed

Ma’avar Te’enim

09:25 We were let through without incident