Hebron, Tue 22.2.11, Morning

Hagit B., Michal Z. (reports)

Translation: Bracha B.A.

Sansana-Meiytar Crossing

07:15am: All workers had already crossed and we didn't see any prisoners' families.  We only saw two busses on our way back.

Route 60

It was quiet and there was little traffic until we reached Samo'ah. At Samo'ah, soldiers stopped all the yellow minibuses for a check-up. Surprisingly we were permitted to leave at once and we wonder why the check was necessary in the first place if it was just to assess our being there. Our driver M. calls our attention to new embankments on either side of the road between Karama and A'bda.  So far they are not blocking any side-roads but ready just in case. There are army vehicles near Beit Hagai and Bani Naim but no one is being stopped. 


As we approached the Worshipper's Road on the way down from Kiryat Arba we noticed a lot of soldiers and vehicles near the pillbox. There were a lot of officers and settlers gathered there, apparently the security personnel from the neighboring settlements – testimony to the symbiosis between the IDF and the settlers. There were no detaineesinfo-icon at any of the checkpoints.

A large group of people from the Ecumenical EAPPI are walking along Shouhada Street. It's a long time since we've last seen them in Hebron. They are mostly present near the schools when children are come and go and take shifts and came to a seminar in Hebron. We heard that they wanted to meet with us and so, we introduced ourselves. They expressed their admiration and explained that they came to strengthen the weak Israeli left. The group's leader, a young enthusiastic Englishman, explained that he is half Palestinian. His family fled from one of the villages in the area of Nahariya in 1948, leaving behind land in a village that no longer exists. We left them our phone numbers and agreed that they would call if they needed.

Our friends in the metal shop showed us their hospitality as usual, offering delicious coffee and pita. There is something good in this city after all.