Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Shooting, Remand Extension

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Roni Hammerman, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)

Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham

Russian Compound

Judge: Adrian Agasi

Prosecutor: Itzik Yaakovoff

Defense: Firas Sabah, Mamon Hashim, Fahmi Shakirat

12 cases, 7 barred (from meeting with attorneys)

The arrangement regarding our participation in the hearings for detaineesinfo-icon barred from meeting an attorney was also valid today.  We remained while the attorneys represented their clients.  When the detainee entered the courtroom, we were asked to leave the room. 

Two of the cases that were heard:

Ahmed Ali Yussef Zaharan - ID 937855682

The detainee is not brought into the courtroom immediately, and the police prosecutor loses his patience and asks the defense to begin to represent the detainee before the judge (while the detainee is still absent!)  The defense refuses.

The detainee enters.

The prosecution asks for a remand extension of 15 days. 

At the moment Zaharan  is being "detained until the end of the proceedings" on another case.  According to the prosecutor, the new accusation was based on new material that casts suspicion on him for [committing] a shooting attack.

After a discussion between the attorney and the investigator, the detainee asks to speak.  I am being investigated all the time about my brother, who is detained in the Palestinian Jericho Prison. Pressure is being put on me that my brother has a weapon, and to give information about it.  His case at the stage of arraignment.

Judge's decision: Agrees to extend remand for 11 days instead of 15 as the prosecutor requested.

Amjed Fuad Mahmed Farukh - ID 955138730 - Arrested on 19.11.2008. 

The prosecution is asking for ? days.

In answer to the questions of the attorney, the investigator claims: the material is confidential and secret and is with the judge.  We are talking about a case of serious suspicions in which other suspects are involved.  .

The investigator claims that the suspect is not cooperating with his investigation, and that the investigation is not progressing. 

After the discussion between the defense and the prosecutor the detainee asks to speak: 

Those other people did something bad, but I have no connection with these suspects, only work connections.  I can't say anything which is not true in the investigation, something that I didn't do.  I have a family, I have children.  I have to work.

The detainee has been in detentionl for 46 days, and since his arrest he has been explaining to his investigators what his connections to the events was.  His only connection is that he works in the same place.  As mentioned, the investigator claims that the suspect does not cooperate. 

The judge decides to extend remand for 11 days.  The detainee asks in despair: What will be?!

The judge explains that he is giving the investigation another 11 days, and if there will be no further developments, a decision will be taken. 

The detainee thanks the judge and leaves the room. 

"Bring in case 4, bring in 8..."  and so forth.