'Awarta, Beit Furik, Habla, Tue 22.3.11, Afternoon

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Ruthi K., Ptahya (reporting) Translation: Galia S





– Habla gate is open since the soldiers opened it half an hour late. At 14:15 the soldiers start closing the gate and refuse passage to three Palestinians who came and wished to pass. They close the gatesinfo-icon immediately and trying to talk to them doesn't help. We call Tadesa from the DCO [District Coordination Office of the IDF Civil Administration that handles passage permits] and he promises to take care of it and find out why they were late in opening the gate.


We continue in the direction of Huwwara. At Jit junction thee is a checkpoint barring the Palestinians from passing to Huwwara through Yiz'har junction. We see that the soldiers send Palestinian vehicles back. There is another checkpoint at Yiz'har junction and vehicles that try to pass thee are also sent back.


Beit Furik


The checkpoint that was thee in the morning is removed at noon. Cab drivers we ask say that toward the evening the checkpoint is put back.


We go to Awarta. The place is under curfew and soldiers wouldn't let us come close. We try an alternative way but there are soldiers there, too. Five army vehicles full of soldiers enter Awarta and there is also a massive presence of army vehicles on the road. At the supermarket we meet an Awarta resident who works in Huwwara. He tells us that in the last three days he has been unable to go back home. He says he called his family who told him that settlers backed by soldiers break into houses in the middle of the night and cause destruction.



17:45 –

Habla gate is open.