Hebron, Sun 27.3.11, Morning

Leah S. Paula R. (reports)

Translator:  Charles K.


Sansana-Meitar crossing 

We didn’t stop.  Laborers have already gone through.  The relatives of prisoners have begun crossing.  Only one bus.

Route 60

We didn’t see any checkpoints until the entrance to Shayukh.  We enjoyed the landscape of spring, and Leah noticed the “rajamim” (slim little towers dividing one plot from another) standing in the green fields.


Pharmacy checkpoint is manned by Border Police soldiers. A female Canadian CPT volunteer said that the soldiers behave correctly, greet her politely, and a soldiers also smiled to us.  “Everything’s great,” he replied when we asked, and “Good morning.”  Giv’ati soldiers deployed in the city.  We didn’t see any detaineesinfo-icon –e xcept ourselves, when a soldier stopped us.

He looked at us as if we came from outer space and demanded to see our ID’s