Habla, Sun 13.2.11, Afternoon

Tova H., Miriam S. (reporting, Translator: Judith Green


11:50 Jayyus South-997

We arrived about 5 minutes late, and the gate was already closed - if it had ever been open.  A military command car passed and honked.  We asked a Palestinian who accompanied us how many people went through this gate during the olive harvest;  he estimated about 20 per day.

12:15 Jayyus West

Although we had been told explicitly that this gate does not open in the afternoon, we checked and it was.

12:35 Flamya

open and empty.

13:30 Habla

The gate is operating.  There is movement in both directions: a shepherd and his flock, buses of students, a van with plants and others.  A resident of Qalqilya  approached us and told us that he and his family own 6 dunam in Wadi Abu Sbin, near Tzofin.  For 6 months they have not had a permit even though he works, with a permit, in the nearby nurseries.  The fields are registered properly in Tabu, but only during the olive harvest did he get a permit for 3 months, and that is finished.  All his attempts at planting until now have failed, because he can't get into his fields.  We referred him to the humanitarian hotline.