'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 21.3.11, Afternoon

Raya Z., Hana H. (reporting)

Translated by Yael S.

14:55 - 16:30 A'anin checkpoint  

 Checkpoint is already open and as we arrived a tractor loaded with sacks (with apparently the sawdust that has been banned last week) drove through. 4 more tractors and three pedestrians go through.

At 15:15  there is no one there. We are told that this morning only ten people went to work.

15:20 - Shaked checkpoint

 One car with 5 passengers crosses over from the West Bank. 2 individuals return from the Seam Line zone, one tells us that his Israeli wife is sick and needs his help. He had turned to the DCO two weeks ago with the proper paperwork and asked to receive a permit to stay at her bedside for a few days, but he has yet to receive an answer and thus he crosses over daily with his work permit and by evening returns to the West Bank. We're told that passage of school children is in order.

15:50 - Reihan checkpoint

The Jewish Holiday of Purim. Closureinfo-icon is still imposed and the checkpoint is quiet. Workers return from Barta'a and from Shachak only. They immediately get into the terminal and swiftly get out at the lower car park .

At the vehicles' inspection post a van is under inspection; an open card board box filled with various items is taken off and is returned to Barta'a.