Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Wed 9.2.11, Morning

Raya and Hagit S. (reporting)

Translator:  Charles K.


Route 35

A military vehicle with 3-4 soldiers parked in front of the humanitarian checkpoint, holding up a long line of vehicles – all Palestinian.  We pass them all with no problem and continue.


Police cars and police officers at the entrance to Kiryat Arba.  M., our driver, recognizes one policeman, Amnon, but we’re not stopped (for now).  We immediately noticed how different Mitzpe Avichai looked – on the hill to the right at the entrance to Kiryat Arba.  All the structures on the hill have been demolished and the rubble piled on the ground.  Figures are visible next to them, perhaps already attempting to rebuild.



A police vehicle is parked across the road at the Hebron exit from Kiryat Arba to stop us: his commander (the same Amnon, apparently, who noticed us at the entrance) ordered him not to let us enter Hebron today because things are very tense after the demolition of the buildings.

We asked to be allowed to go to Az’am’s metal shop and he agreed, but followed, urging us to get out of the city and didn’t leave us the whole time we were there, and then accompanied us back out.


Southern Hebron Hills

So we decided to visit the Ja’aber family (six months ago we witnessed the harsh scene when all their irrigation pipes were uprooted from their fields by the army and the civil administration).  The three nice brothers welcomed us, sat with us, drank tea with us (that the women prepared in the house).  We asked many questions about their situation, and they recounted their difficulties and the injustices they’d suffered (which we’ve all known for a long time, nor does it appear that anything has changed, nor will change soon).

For “dessert” we brought four of the family’s women and two young girls to the western entrance to Hebron.