Qalandiya, Route 443, villages, Giv’at Ze’ev, 9.3.11, afternoon

Ivonne M., Daniela Y. (reporting). Guests: Graziella (Italy), Difty (USA)

Translator:  Charles K.



Stormy, a freezing wind

Qalandiya checkpoint:

Something new:  The booth at the crossing from south to north is manned; it feels suffocating.

Before the entrance it turns out one of the guests didn’t have a visa in her passport.  We had to change our plans.

Giv’at Ze’ev:  Olive trees decorate the plazas – from where did they take those ancient, noble trees?

A residential neighborhood facing us.  Rocky hillsides separate this neighborhood from another, Upper Giv’at Ze’ev, and another, Kiryat Yotz’ei Hebron.  The houses are sold for almost nothing, the welfare state operates here and laundering the language continues – just another neighborhood or two, or three.  Vast tracts of stolen land separate one neighborhood from another.  But it’s all – Giv’at Ze’ev.

The villages in the aren’t even allowed to build a storage shed for tools.

The guests saw the farce that’s Route 443.  The road is fenced, no entry to or exit from the Palestinian villages on whose lands the “peace road” was built.  A fig leaf in the form of a single entry and exit leading nowhere.  The Palestinians have long, winding subterranean routes.