'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 28.2.11, Afternoon

Hanna H., Yocheved G., (reporting)

Translated by Dvora K.

15:00 A'anin CP

Ten people enter along with three tractors and a donkey. And five soldiers are inspecting all of these. One taps everything, another inspects the documents, the third makes notations on a page (apparently the computer is out of order). Look at the waste of our tax money!

15:30 Shaked CP

There is very little traffic. Only a few go through, a wagon, a donkey. A new netted fence has been added in front of the inspection hut, and this creates a route / sleeveinfo-icon of entry. There are improvements and inventions all the time.

A woman and a little girl emerge from a car which is entering the inspection compound. They and the driver enter the hut. The driver comes out in order to take the car through the CP and after that he enters the inspection hut in order to take the papers and to free the woman and the child.

After this, the car is inspected, and then he goes through the CP and picks up the woman and the child who have already gone through. Why does he have to go into and out of the inspection hut twice? The whole procedure took about seven minutes, but what will they do on a rainy day?

16:15 Reihan CP

Six cars came out of inspection and in the upper part of the CP a number of people were waiting for them. They say they had to wait more than an hour for the cars to be inspected.

Wonder of wonders - when we went down to the entrance to the terminal we saw that the traffic was flowing. The reason .... there were two windows open! so there was no queue. Maybe they have finally caught on to the fact that between 16:00 and 17:00 they have to bring in reinforcements and open two windows?

Three people who have been in Israel illegally are detained on the bench. One claims that he has already been waiting for an hour .