Habla/ Eliyahu Crossing/ Falamya/ Anabta / Shufa / Jubara / Tee'nim Crossing

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Yael S (driver), Anthya S, Aviva H (reporting)


06:50 Habla Agricultural Gate

Gate is open with a steady stream of people on foot, a car or two, several horse drawn carts are passing through.  The checking at the gate is quick and efficient.  At  07:00  two school buses arrive. The drivers get off the bus, present their documents and the buses are passed through

07:30 Eliyahu Crossing

Steady stream of cars passing through without delay.  We observed approx 10 individuals who were waiting to go through checkpoint 109.  At this time of day they should have passed through.  We were unable to stop and check out the situation as we were late to meet a Palestinian who is black listed by the police.  A MW member is trying to help him negotiate through this problem and we had to meet him to get his signature for a  power of attorney.

08:10 Falamya Agricultural Gate

The gate is open, one person on foot, one car and one tractor are passed through without delay during the time we were there


09:10 Anabta Checkpoint

Open passage through the checkpoint

09:20   Shufa Village

We notice that the side road from Mashufa Village is now open and the villagers now have access to the main road

09:25 Jubara

We ask the military police to open the gate to Jubara for us.  After consultation with his superiors and checking our documentation (Machsom Watch Business Cards) the checkpoint commander opens the gate for us and allows us access.  We drive up the road to the main Jubara checkpoint and observe from there.  When we return, again the checkpoint commander opens the gate to let us out

10:00 Te’enim Crossing

Smooth flowing traffic through this crossing