'Anin, Mevo Dotan (Imriha), Reihan, Shaked, Thu 24.2.11, Afternoon

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Hanna E., Neta G. (Reporting)

Translation: Bracha B.A.

On the way to the checkpoint, near the school at Um A-Reihan, we saw a sign advertising a new bicycle path for the benefit of residents of the Shomron.  It is being provided by the National Park Authority and it appears that we are annexing nature as well.

11:50 – Shaked – Tura Checkpoint
We arrived at the checkpoint together with the soldiers who have come to reopen the checkpoint after the break from 10:00 – 12:00  A truck and a cyclist are already waiting on the seamline zone side.  The truck driver tells us about a building plan that permits building four-storey buildings but does not allow expansion of the area of Um A-Reihan.  The residents oppose the plan and consulted with Attorney Kahaba from Ein Sahala who was the person who won the case to open the Shaked – Tura Checkpoint for longer hours and allow vehicle crossing.   They claim that the lawyer won, and we claim that he won a partial victory – as to win would mean taking down the checkpoint completely.  At 12:00 the checkpoint reopens and there is light but steady traffic in both directions.

An elderly man from Dar Al Malak is waiting for his wife.  Meanwhile he complains about the fact that the village is not connected to electricity.  Villages in the West Bank have electricity while those in the seamline zone such as Um A-Reihan and Dar al Malak must use generators.

At 12:30 we saw a woman driver crossing the checkpoint for the first time.  She was checked in the inspection booth and her car was checked as well.  15 minutes later the woman returned from the West Bank to the seamline zone and was checked again.  A woman with a babyinfo-icon crosses to the seamline zone and her husband is waiting for her with a toddler.  The toddler runs to her and takes her ID card and runs to the checkpoint.  The father retrieves him and the child cries – he wants to go to the checkpoint.  At his age it's still a game. 

At 13:10 the schoolchildren begin to come home from school in the seamline zone and the soldiers peek into their schoolbags as they do in the morning.

13:30we passed Reihan checkpoint. There is almost no traffic at this time. Two cars are waiting at the vehicle checkpoint on their way to the West Bank. The Palestinian parking lot as well as the additional parking lot are completely full.  Cars are parked at the locked gatesinfo-icon on Route 596 (the ''bridge'') facing both directions towards Kaffin and Zibda.

13:40 Dotan checkpoint
The soldiers are really not pleased that we are there. They do not even argue with us.   They simply go to the guard booth and stop traffic.  Five cars are waiting in the direction of Jenin and four are waiting gcoming from Jenin. When we back off with our car they let traffic through again in the direction of Jenin, towards the "0" Junction of routes 596 and 585,  Their behavior is very annoying and forbidden as well.  The gate to Kafin and Tulkarem is open and unmanned.  It is hard to believe that for four years it has been locked locked.

14:10 Reihan checkpoint
There is little traffic at this hour.  Three cars waiting to move to the seam zone. We have no space in the Palestinian parking lot, not even double parking.

14:25 Anin Checkpoint
We arrived early.  The checkpoint is only due to open at 15:00. One tractor driver has been waiting, and another makes himself comfortable with his family in the shade under the trees in his field near the checkpoint. He tells us that twenty-five people crossed this morning and that new permits are not being issued.

14:30– Since we are not Palestinians we can go home whenever we please.  We left without waiting for the checkpoint to open.