Huwwara, Jit, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 3.3.11, Morning

Tamar H., Aliyah S. reporting


9:30 As Sawiya

We drove through Ariel and it was very quiet.  As Sawiya was quiet. On road 60 there was very little traffic. Actually, we had seen very few vehicles on the roads from the time we entered the territories. We assumed that everyone was waiting for the Day of Rage to begin.

We had a good but depressing discussion with our friend, Sami, about the situation in Palestine in light of what is happening in the Arab world. Sami and others of his generation are quite discouraged. There's high unemployment and low expectations of the PA.

10:20 Za'tara

The junction was almost empty. About 5 vehicles were going through from Nablus, and a few more were coming to the checkpoint, but all were going straight through.

10:30  Huwwara

 There were no soldiers, as far as we could see, at any of the checkpoints.

10:40 The road from Huwwara to Qedumim/route 60

 We turned from Huwwara into the road that goes to Qedumim settlement, past  Yitzhar settlement. At the turn there was a jeep and several military police.  The road was partially closed; Palestinians were not being allowed to drive on that road.

Opposite the entrance to Yitzhar there was a military hummer; several soldiers stood nearby.

At the second road that leads to Yitzhar 4 military policemen were sitting in the bus stop opposite. We noticed another soldier up on the hill looking down at the road we were travelling on.

At the end of that road, at Jit junction, there was a partial roadblock, and several military police.

Everyone was ready and in place for the Day of Rage. But as we all know now the only incidents that did take place were in Jerusalem, and were caused by a not very big group of young people.

Well, so much for the Day of Rage! And we thought we were going to see some action!