Reihan, Shaked, Sun 6.2.11, Morning

Hanna H., Ruti T.

Translated by Yael B.

6:05 Reihan-Barta'a checkpoint

Pickup trucks with merchandise are at the inspection area. People who are waiting for transportation tell us, "all is well, there are no problems at all". But a few minutes later, going up the sleeveinfo-icon we hear:"What a traffic jam. disorder".

We arrive at the turnstiles. At this time two windows are open and there are no complaints of crowding.

At 6:20only one window is open and some one comes out the terminal announcing that :"Actually today is good".

6:50 - Shaked-Tura checkpoint

The gate is already open.

At 6:55 they open the access way to the turnstile on the other side.

At 7:03 people start arriving from the direction of West Bank. 12 people in front of the turnstile, and two cars. Our acquaintance, the driver  Y. has changed his car. Now he owns a yellow van and  no longer drives children.

7:08 Many children arrive at the gate. A soldier walks towards them signals them to halt. Half a minute later a cry is heard :"Bring them over". Children's schoolbags are inspected. A small girl insists that her lunch bag be peeped into. Schoolbags of 13-year-olds are inspected more carefully.

Two 15-year-old boys arrive from the Seam Line zone, turn to the inspection booth and come out quickly in the direction of the West Bank.

The Banker's blue Volkswagen is carefully inspected. From the moment of his arrival until his departure 10 minutes had passed.

At 7:30 No more pedestrians wishing to cross over into the Seam Line zone are observed,

Children, who have been waiting on the other side, were picked up.

7:35  The checkpoint is quiet.