Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Sun 30.1.11, Morning

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Leah S. Paula R. (reports)

Translator:  Charles K.


Sansana-Meytar crossing

The laborers have crossed. Prisoners' relatives were waiting (for the bus taking them for a visit)  A few agricultural laborers returned because the contractor cancelled due to the rain.

Some of the owners of stands are back.  The Civil Administration ignores them, but will again arbitrarily come and fine them.  And what happened to their cars?  Some hired a lawyer and paid a large fine.  One left his at the offices of the Civil Administration, because the amount of the fine equaled the value of the car.  An elderly owner of a stand asked us for help.  He has no money to pay the fine, or to hire a lawyer.  The Civil Administration wasn’t willing to spread out the payments.  So the vehicle’s still at their offices.  His name is Musa Sama’in Jamari.  Is there anything to be done?  The despair of a peddler in Tunis led to an uprising.

The army has blocked the exit from Bani Na’im; seven vehicles are waiting.  We stopped to watch, and no more than a minute later the ID of the first driver was returned to him (that is, the driver ran over to the army vehicle), and after he drove away the remaining cars went through without having been inspected.  On our way back a military vehicle was still parked there but we saw no one detained.  That’s where, on our previous shift, soldiers also behaved very rudely.


Nothing unusual.