Tue 1.2.11, Afternoon

Yael L.-J., Avital F. (driving), Chana S. (reporting)


15:15 Etzion DCL: on arrival we met one man coming out with his magnetic card. He said there were no other clients upstairs.

26 people were in the waiting-room. They told us that no one had been admitted during the previous hour. We phoned and a woman soldier said she would check.

15.40 7 people entered.

16.10 we phoned and again at 16.25.

16:29 7 people entered (they included a young woman. Although she had arrived only at 3 p.m., no one objected at her `jumping queue', although the men had been waiting since morning.)

16:30 The soldier announced `Chalass' and that was it for the day! 2 people were allowed in to pick up permits.

Our repeated requests for the soldiers to let in the remaining ten applicants were of no avail. The soldiers said the upstairs room was crowded and they were snowed under with work. This is too routine a phenomenon - during the day applicants are allowed in so infrequently and then at the end of the day the counter closes early because of `pressure of work.'

The above-mentioned woman was accompanied by her mother who wanted a permit to enter Jerusalem for worship on Friday. She was told to approach the Palestinian DCL for this.

Early on one man said he was refused a permit. He did not know if by police or by Security. As far as we knew he had to get this information from the Palestinian authorities (but he chose to wait to check first at Etzion). We gave him both Sylvia's and Chaya's phone numbers, just in case.