Bethlehem - CP 300, Hussan CP, 28.12.2010 am

Rachel M., Drora P. (reporting)


Bethlehem – Checkpoint 300, 06:45 am:  according to the reports of those who had crossed through, and the testimony of an ecumenical volunteer who was there, “the whole queue has ended“. Here and there a few more people who had waited for only about five minutes arrived. Let's hope that this will be a portent for the New Year.

  Hussan CP: 

The checkpoint was active in the westerly direction. A convoy of vehicles arrived and their drivers were inspected according to the level of the soldiers' suspicion. We were recognized as “our people” and passed through. Progress was slow but without hold-ups.

We continued on our way until we arrived at a house on the edge of the village, on which was a sign “The Solitary House”. On the ground floor there was a grocer's shop and its owner spoke Hebrew. He referred to the expropriation of land in this area: “We are fed-up with this situation; it is impossible to live like this“.