Tayasir, Tue 1.2.11, Afternoon

Yochi A., Chedva H, Chasida S. (reporting)


- Tayasir checkpoint

 Upon arrival, we heard from a distance, "No talking with them". We parked and went over to the checkpoint. As expected a soldier approached us and demanded that we go back as far as the concrete blocks, this is an order of his Company commander which over rules any other authority because we "interfere with his work". Not that there was any "work" .

There is one car on either side. We saw no point  in arguing and heating up the atmosphere, and we were able to observe each and every  vehicle as it was inspected and how passengers in a car that arrives from the West Bank get off, go into the inspection area,  come out with their belts in their hands and re-enter the car that was already inspected (Papers only without mirrors under the car as recently observed in the checkpoints of Anin and Shaked-Tura).

We were able to see all thepassengers getting off  the car. A elderly  white haired man and a few children went through inside their car. Some stopped by us saying what we're used to hear - that when we're here all is well "come every day" and "If you could hide so that you would not be seen, you would have observed a different conduct".

We should emphasize that vehicles that were going West just waited for the "invite" waive but were not inspected. There was no line on any side, passage was ongoing and streamed along.

Because we got lost and came rather late to Tayasir, we decided that there was no room for another delay and we've continued to the Hamara checkpoint.

14:00- Hamara checkpoint

 We came close to the  checkpoint with no interference.

Here too , vehicles coming from the West Bank, going to Nablus just waited for the waiving hand that signaled to drive through without the inspection.

Those who came from the West Bank unloaded their passengers before the inspection area, they were inspected (that did not appear too strict) and waited for the passengers who were seen walking out of inspection with their belts in their hand etc. We spoke to some but no complains were heard and there were no problems.