'Anabta, 'Azzun, Eliyahu Crossing, Habla, Jubara (Kafriat), Mon 24.1.11, Afternoon

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Leora Heiman, Tamar Tzelinker, Tami Nitzan’s granddaughter, and Nadim, of course. Leora, Tamar and Tami reported Translator: Charles K



Since Leora and Tamar were back after having been absent for a while, and they’re less familiar with this region, we decided to visit them, and I was very happy that my granddaughter wanted to join us.

We men Nadim about 14:00, reached the Jubara gate at 14:45, and after a few minutes during which the soldiers sought authorization, one arrived and opened the gate for us.

The village was taking its afternoon nap, everything closed and quiet.



We came to the children’s checkpoint, No. 753, where we men a few male and female soldiers who tried to get authorization for us to go to the villages beyond the checkpoint.  After waiting a long time we gave up, returned the way we came.  While we drove we explained about the places we passed, some of their history and what changes have occurred since we were last here.


We reached the Anabta checkpoint, apparently deserted, as usual, but soldiers stationed up in their emplacement, observing, traffic flowing without stopping.

From there we drove via Beit Lid, Kufr Sur, Kafr Jamal, Jayyous – you should know that these roads are being worked on and there are changes.  From there to Azzun [a few hours before the pogrom that occurred there] via Nebi Elias.  We went through the Eliyahu crossing (109), where traffic flowed freely, sometimes more slowly, sometimes faster.

We passed the plant nurseries and in a few minutes reached the Habla checkpoint which was already open, with about 30 people waiting on line.  Some had already entered.  This was the first time Tamar and Leora had been at Habla.  The sight was disturbing – the checkpoints, fences and razor wire.  

Around 18:00 we started going home.

The end.