Mevo Dotan (Imriha), Reihan, Shaked, Sat 8.1.11, Morning

Ruthi T., Rachel H.

Translation: Bracha B.A.

06:55 Reihan Checkpoint     

The upper parking lot is filled with transits and we drove down to the lower parking lot. 

At 07:00 the announcement is made that the checkpoint is now open and the crossing begins.  We counted 75 people waiting at the gate to enter the terminal.  They enter in groups of five without incident.  A woman arrives alone and the men clear the way for her.  After five minutes everyone is inside and the first people come out the other side.  The path to the restrooms is paved with tiles alternating tan and brown.  We cannot help noticing the obsession of the people in charge of the checkpoint.

We continue eastward to Emricha to give people used clothing and blankets.

07:25 Mevo Dotan Checkpoint

The three soldiers at the checkpoint offer us cake and we decline.  They warn us against the speeding cars passing by.  We notice the sign in the mud warning people of entry into Area A.  The town of Yaabed appears sparkling in the early morning light.   The cars that arrive pass without being detained.

07:35 We left the checkpoint and drove to the settlement of Hermesh.  Many of the houses are abandoned and are in the last stages of construction and are filled with bird droppings and graffiti.

08:05 Reihan Checkpoint

The lower parking lot is full and there are transits waiting in the upper parking lot.  A young woman, a student from Um Al Fahem, tells us about the lack of sensitivity displayed by the inspectors towards everyone.  She said that her laptop had almost fallen off the conveyer belt when she was not near it.  There are a few pedestrians in the sleeveinfo-icon and two windows are open in the terminal. 

We left at 08:35.

There are relatively few people as opposed to other Saturdays.

08:45 Shaked Checkpoint

For the first time we see the concrete blocks that drivers encounter when approaching the checkpoint.  A man tells us that there are more delays now.  There are seven soldiers at the checkpoint.  They are joined by another military vehicle bringing food. 

A soldier comes up to us and tells us that they are closing and we should leave.  Another soldier shouts to him that this is the last gate to be closed.  He says the gatesinfo-icon close at 09:00.  We thought they close at 10:00.  Someone else arrives at a run and manages to get through before the gates are closed and locked.  At 08:57 the army car leaves and at 09:00 the gates at Tura are locked.

We left at 09:00.