Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Tue 9.11.10, Morning

Idith S., Rachel M., Drora P. (reporting)

Bethlehem - Checkpoint 300, 6:45 :  most of the employers and their vehicles are already gone. Four windows are open and the traffic past them is sparse; our usual acquaintances report to us that ”Today is wonderful, and there are already almost no people at the beginning of the queue”.

Someone shows his work permit, is detained and the permit is confiscated.  An officer from the district coordination office intervenes and tells the man to go to the office for an explanation.  We are not given details and our guess is that perhaps the permit belongs to someone who is part of a chain of “fixers” (people who know how to “arrange” things in return for money – translator), who operate on both sides of the border – a form of co-existence which is the fruit of the occupation – and the man fell into their trap.

      Etzion DCL 8:00 : the doors are open and about 20 people are waiting.  No-one asks for our help, and they have all come to renew their magnetic cards.  If they are lucky, they won’t have to devote an additional day to the matter.