Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Mon 3.1.11, Morning

Netanya G., Hagit B. (reports)

Translator:  Charles K.


It’s 06:35 – many laborers on the Israeli side, waiting for transportation. Everyone arriving from the Palestinian side comes through immediately, and only on our way back do we see one bus with relatives of prisoners.

The stall owners who were removed yesterday by Border Police soldiers report that four vehicles and a cart, along with the merchandise from the stalls, are still at the Etzion DCO.  They still haven’t been told what fines they have to pay to get the cars back – we promised to try and find out how long it will take.

Route 60

The occupation routine, nothing out of the ordinary.  Soldiers at Dura Elfawwar and Kvasim junction come down from the pillboxes and set up checkpoints – but hardly stop any vehicles and no line forms. At the base next to Deir Raza they’re preparing to send up the observation balloon.


Children are checked quickly at the Pharmacy checkpoint, and they’re no longer asked for birth certificates.  Everywhere else is desolate,deserted.

We wanted to take Route 317 on our way back, to see what’s happening in Sousiya, but no one answered our phone call so we returned home by the usual route….

It’s better that nothing happened and there’s nothing to report…this terrible routine is enough – you don’t need any unusual events.