Abu Dis, Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Sheikh Saed, Thu 6.1.11, Morning

nava A., Shosh H., Michaela R. (reporting)





In general: Few crossing, exam recess in schools, some of the Christian denominations on holiday.
Sheikh Saed
Only a few very young pupils crossing without special problems.
One of the secuirty staff shouts at a driver not to park up the hill but to move on another 50 m.  This driver, it turns out, is there in an official capacity, he's the parking attendant.
Zeitim Terminal
Here too we found few people, and crossing was quick.
Wadi Nar
A truck loaded with a tractor was being detained when we arrived.  The passengers were having a long dsicussion with the border policeman.  We were unable to understand the reason for the delay during the time of our stay.  All the other vehicles crossed without interference.