Reihan, Shaked, Wed 5.1.11, Morning

Marika, Vivian S-B, Nava Ravey (reporting)

Marika, Vivian S-B, Nava Ravey

07:45 – 08:45 Shaked Tura checkpoint
People with permits crossed the checkpoint with no special problems. Only three cars passed from the West Bank to the seam zone and only to the opposite direction.

09:00 – 10:00  Riehan Barta`a Checkpoint
When we arrived five trucks entered the checking area. Few workers from the West Bank passed to Barta`a along with several  families.

Diabetic patient has a problem. He has a doctor's referral letter to a hospital in East Jerusalem, but does not receive a permit to pass because he is a "prevented", a person who of some reason or with no obvious reason is prevented from entering Israel. We advised him to call the Physicians for Human Rights.

In the booth at the entrance to the terminal at the Palestinian parking lot was a new security (woman) worker, who spoke to the Palestinians with such a courtesy that we never heard in the checkpoints. and in Arabic! She talked to them as equals to her, welcomed them with "shalom" and did not spare with "please", "thank you" and "goodbye". People were very impressed, so were we.