Reihan, Shaked, Sat 18.12.10, Morning

Rachel H., Noah (reporting)

0725 -0755  Tura-Shaked checkpoint

 Today, unlike Saturdays the checkpoint is crowded. Except for the regulars and the herd of sheep there are many school children and students. It turns out that schools give back lost days resulted from the olive picking.

Passage is swift and tranquil on both sides. Pupils and female student are inspected by the military post and are not required to go into the inspection cabins.

Rihan-Barta'a checkpoint
As usual traffic is heavy on both sides. Those coming out report of delay of one hour and more. Apparently only one window was  open but at this time  the second one was opened and workers from both sides do come out sooner.
We notice a new sign (at least for us): "Continent Passage Authority , Ministry of Defense: A Security facility! It is forbidden to photograph!"

The environmental statue that was installed two weeks ago did not turn into a fountain as reported to us at the time but rather contains a large pot of plants and around it smaller pots of Primrose. The plants are illuminated by lanterns and the area has been paved.
On the opposite side a bus station was added  directed North going from the West Bank into the SeamLine zone. We wonder who uses this station.
It seems that there is no end to the wonders of this checkpoint.