Reihan, Shaked, Wed 22.12.10, Morning

Vivian S'B, Mariko, Nava R` (reporting) )

Shaked checkpoint 0730 - 0830
The students go through the checkpoint but they don’t have to enter the Booth of the control.  They are checked from outside of the booth. A person who has a shop in Barta'a, a resident of Ya`abed, recieved a permit for some reason to pass through the checkpoint of Shaked, but there is no transportation to Barta'a and he wants  what he had before - a permit to cross the c.p through Riehan.

Riehan checkpoint 0840-0945
When we arrived seven cars entered to the checking  zone  and exited after 45 minutes.

In the pedestrians passage there were no problems. People from the west bank arrived and entered the terminal with no delay.