Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Fri 10.12.10, Morning

Tzvia S., and Rachel A. (reporting)

Translation: Suzanne O. 

On the way to the roadblock:  there is a dreadful road accident at the Kfar HaYarok junction, a lot of police and ZAKA. 

South of Jaljulya, at the side of the road, there is a small bonfire which, due to our short term historical memory, forces us to dial 102 for the fire service and also forces the firemen to check it out and put it out.  On the way back there is another bad traffic accident.


At the roadblock, as per usual on a Friday, there are less people.  We hear permanent complaint about the over use of the rooms, particularly on Fridays when there is one lane less, which is incomprehensible to everyone (as if there is an explanation): why are people who hold permanent permits inspected every day in a room.  We stand for a long time by the exit gate and talk with those waiting for their work colleagues.  There are stories of hard lives, a conversation about the situation, about leaders and particularly about hardship and helplessness.  They voice their despair about their situation and their disbelief in the likelihood of change.

And all this in the shadow of the Human Rights evening yesterday at the cinematek which is still alive and kicking in our minds.

How does one get out of this?