'Anabta, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Wed 1.12.10, Afternoon

Observers: Sara F., Hanna K. (reporting)

Translation: Hanna K.


14:50 Izbat at Tabib: We visited Sami on whose house there is a threat of  a demolition order. Joy of the poor in their abode: they prepare themselves for a family wedding.

15:30  Entrance toBeit Lid: A military vehicle and six soldiers near it.

Anabta:  We met a Palestinian whom we had to have sign a power of attorney for a lawyer, to enable him to enter Israel.  

We passed through Irtah, the village of Shufi & Jubara.

15:55 Irtah/Sha'ar Ephraim: Until this point we took photos. On entering we were immediately welcomed by the new signposts forbidding taking photos. The camerainfo-icon was put into the pocket, but this wasn't enough. The scout on the tower probably saw that we took photos before we came up against the signpost, and the man on the spot welcomed us. He asked to see the camera, we allowed this, and then all that was photographed a long time before was erased – as, according to him, the Artah\Sha'ar Ephraim passage was observed in the photo taken from the distant road. It was too late to argue: no photos were left. We toured the installation, the passage seemed routine  and returned to the entrance where we were asked by an Arab-Israeli driver to find out why the physician who was meant to drive with him to Israel (meetings were fixed for him and he might be late) was delayed at the exit gate. The driver looked at his cellular phone and saw that the conversation with the physician about the entrance to the gate was received at 15:15. The guard refused to talk to us. The man in charge announced that nothing of the kind had happened, nobody was there ten minutes ago. After a phone conversation he compromised and said he had meant twenty minutes, and he wasn't at all clear what the matter was about. A talk with the DCO didn't help either.

We left at 16:30 and asked the driver to try and get information. At 16:45 (an hour and half of waiting time) we were informed that the physician had arrived.