Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Sun 14.11.10, Morning

Ruth R., Natalie C. (reporting)

We arrived at 4.00 when the passage was opened. 55 people went through together. The soldier shouts and  hurries the people up.

At the first gate 93 women and 400 men passed through.

Ruthie went to the exit of the passage and there she saw that the first people were already coming out and that the women were getting into their transport.

4.12 The entrance is closed.

4.15 The passage was again opened and the soldier tells them to hurry through.

Until 4.23 300 more people went through.

Someone returned but we did not ask why.

In the first half an hour 947 people went through (105 women).

At 4.45 there were 6 or 7 booths open.

In the next half hour 830 people went through.

At 5.00 the passage closed again.

During the morning the passage was especially quiet and less people went through than on an ordinary day. One passer-by explained that it was a holiday. Id Al Adha.

The passage again opened and between 5.00 to 5.30 316 men and 10 women went through.

5.45 No queue and we left.