'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Thu 25.11.10, Afternoon

Zafrira Z. and Hana H. (reporting)

Translated by Yael B.

15:00-A'anin checkpoint
The checkpoint was open and workers with tractors and donkeys went in one by one.

Olive picking is officially over by Dec.20th. and they request that if the rain is delayed by then, they'd be permitted to get to their trees more than twice a week after that date to complete the necessary work.

One of those crossing over said that they considered consulting with an attorney but couldn't raise the needed funds.
At 15:20 all went through but there was an ongoing slow flow of workers into the checkpoint.

15:25 - Shaked checkpoint
Pedestrians as well as vehicles cross over on both sides. Passage is swift.

15:50 - Rihan checkpoint
Women, children and students return from Jenin. Two windows are operational and whoever arrives on site, gets out quickly.

At 16:00 One window closes and the flow of workers increases and the terminal gets crowded .
There are about 40 workers by the carousel. In Sharon's opinion this is not a good enough reason to open another window. What's the big deal? so what if people left home at 4 am and drove on winding roads to work and back, can't they wait another 10 minutes at the checkpoint? "This is life".
In the mean time the terminal is over loaded and out side there are already about 50 more people crowding.
16:15- A second window opens and all go through quickly.
One of those going through tells us that last week, when there was such a crowed and asked loudly to open another window and by the time he went in, he was detained and his I.D card was taken for a long inspection - was it a punitive act?
16:30- Inside the terminal there is an illegal alien who is detained for 40 minutes.

16:40 - Vehicles inspection post
Passengers cars that arrive from the Sean Line zone drive through with in 3 minutes.