'Azzun, Habla, Jubara (Kafriat), Thu 28.10.10, Afternoon

Tammi C., Yaffa W. (reporting)

 Natanya translating


14.25 Jubara.We arrived at a closed gate and immediately a soldier came and without questions opened it. The daughter of Abu Hatam entered with us as she had come to visit her father and had been sitting waiting at the gate.

We crossed the village of Khirbet Jubara and came to gate 753 (the childrens’ gate). Two women soldiers who did not know who we are were there and we tried to explain. They asked if one of us was Tammi C.  and Tammi said yes and then they let us through. In a previous shift we had not been allowed to pass and so Tammi had made enquiries at the DCO and this time we were let through. It has to be checked if this was a one time permit or if it will be possible to make this permanent. We went through Ar-Ras, the village of Sur and to Beit Lid and got to road 55. From there we went in the direction of Nablus so as to get to Sara.

15.05 Village of Sara. Tammi says that this is a village to which there had been no access for a long time and so she wished to visit it. When we stopped next to the grocery shop chairs were brought out and we sat on the road at the entrance. The children looked at us with great curiosity as if they had never ever seen Jews  and maybe because they had only seen soldiers. In any case from our conversation with them we learned that the soldiers often came there and harassed them in the past but in the last two years or so everything is quiet and the army does not bother them. We ask and they say that they have enough water. We were surprised to find that they are connected  to Mekorot and that they can have as much water as they need and pay 5 shekel to a cube.

One of those we spoke to, Mustafa the owner of the large olive press in the village, invites us to see it. He had been for some years in America and from there has his fluent American English.  He returned to the village and imported from Italy a modern olive press and for a certain percentage of the crop he presses the oil for all. He also has an olive grove and his oil he sends to Qatar. He says that the countries of the Emirates regard the oil of the Palestinians as the very best.

On the way to Habla we went through Git. The entrance to Azzun is open and we passed gate 109 with no problems.

Habla 16.50 We arrived at Habla gate towards the opening.  The usual story. 40 people waited to go through. One of them gathered all the IDs and gave them out in groups of 5. There were arguments about who shall go through first. When we left nearly everyone had done so.