'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Tue 16.11.10, Morning

Leah R., Ana N-S (reporting)


06:20 - A'anin - Farmers' checkpoint
As we expected the checkpoint is closed due to the Holyday (Id-el-Itcha). The place is deserted.

06:50 - Rihan-The new Barta'a checkpoint.
Announcer calls for the beginning of the "flow" - at 07:00.
A group of young people return home from their night work, to Jenin . Some of them carry warped gifts or flowers. They waited according to them, a long hour because they were not aware that today's opening was as on a Saturday. With in 10-15 minutes they were all out of the terminal.
More drivers than usual wait for those returning home in the West Bank for the Holy day.There are hardly any pickup trucks. Through out our stay on site the dogs bark.
A private car is inspected in a rather speedy fashion for this particular inspection post.
Pupils from Jewish settlement arrive at their pickup station where buses wait to transfer them to schools in Israel.

07:40 Shaked-Tura checkpoint
The checkpoint was closed.
We made no inquiries as to when and if  checkpoint would open.