'Anin, Reihan, Sun 31.10.10, Afternoon

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Ruthy, Yocheved and a guest, Yochi

15.00 A'anin CP is opened for those returning from picking olives. Those waiting complain again about the fact that they are not allowing members of their families to go out to work altogether and in particular to do olive-picking.

Little by little the olive-pickers arrive, some on foot and some on donkeys or tractors. Women whose husbands are not allowed to go out to work with them have a via dolorosa to go through. The inspecition is done manually with checks on the computer; this is done mostly by military policewomen, and everything is done very very slowly. They detain a young boy who does not have a permit. He is "hung out to dry" until the CP closes, and then they allow him to go through.

According to the soldiers, a hundred people have gone through the CP.

One of those coming back complains that there is no tap for water in the CP! Since morning, they have had very little to drink, only the water that they bring with them from home. And it is hard, especially because a person who returns earlier has to wait until 15.00 when the gate is opened.

16.30 Shaked CP.Quiet .... quiet.

17.00 Reihan CP. There are many cars in the parking lot all waiting for those coming back from work. The workers tell us that in the morning there was a delay in leaving the CP and they had to wait from 5.00 until 6.30 to go through.

A car is detained at the exit of inspection because two spare parts for brakes were found in it. They belong to the owner and are for his own use. The inspectors claimed that these are "spare parts" for trade and they have to be paid for in that light. There was a long argument and negotiations in which the owner claims that the product was open and not even boxed. He had already changed parts of one of the brakes. Those waiting behind the owner of the car are very angry -- is this a life? ... finally they let him go through with the parts. But why did they have to embitter him?