'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Sun 7.11.10, Morning

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Ruthi T., Hanna H., (Reporting)

Translation: Bracha B.A.
06:05 – 08:00

06:00 – A'anin – Almost 70 people have already gone through and things are going smoothly.  There are also a lot of women and teenagers crossing to go to work in the olive groves.  One person tells us that not everyone in his family who asked for permits for the olive harvest received them.  Another person told us that yesterday, Saturday, his entire family came through on a tractor with food and water for the day and was told to take everything off the tractor.  ON the way back the police and border patrol were searching for a stolen tractor in the olive groves and they were nearly late getting back to the checkpoint. 

Reihan Checkpoint – 7 cars come out of the inspection facility and about 35 people get back in and continue on their way to work. 

B. tells us that agricultural checkpoint number 265 near Araqa opposite Shahak is now open.  About 30 farmers pass through there but the gate only opens for a half hour twice a day – once at 08:00 and once at 17:00.  Now that it gets dark early people finish work at 15:00 and have to wait another two hours until the checkpoint opens.  The hours during previous years were different.  We went down the sleeveinfo-icon and people are emerging from the terminal quickly.  Things are going smoothly today but people complained about Saturday morning when it was crowded and things were slow.

Three detaineesinfo-icon are sitting on the side inside the terminal.  07:10 – Cars going from the West Bank to the seamline zone are moving quickly. 

07:25 – Shaked Checkpoint – School children are going quickly from the seamline zone to the West Bank.  Only their school bags are checked.  Two cars are waiting at the checkpoint.  One has been waiting for 15 minutes.  A woman who has just undergone Caesarian section and is bleeding is waiting in the second car and after a consultation the car is let through quickly.   

A car with the mukhtar of Dahar el Malak drives up quickly.  Evidently his 14-year-old son has been caught with two knives in his school bag and has been arrested.   The father shouts at his son who claims he doesn't know who put the knives in his bag. The father speaks with the Liaison and Coordination Administration and claims that parents have no influence upon their children any more.  Are they to wait for the Liaison and Coordination Administration?  The police?