Hamra, Tayasir, Thu 16.9.10, Afternoon

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Revital S., Rachel H. (Reporting and Photographs)

Translation: Bracha B.A.

Bezek Checkpoint 15:20
We drove through unnoticed. The view with the sun in the west is lovely. There is still roadwork between Roi and the Hamra junction.

13:45 Hamra Junction
A banner on a fence reminds us to register for the Likud party. (is political propaganda permitted  in a military zone?

8 cars are waiting to cross. The first is from Gaza and the driver is already impatient and is honking the horn. Before we managed to ask how long they had been waiting the line began to move forward and within a short time all the traffic going west went through. During the time we were observing there was constant traffic going west and busses of workers going east and there were no more delays.

An officer greets us and another soldier with a drawn weapon follows him like a shadow. He asks us how things are going and then leaves us alone.  Other soldiers halfheartedly ask us to leave and not disturb them but decide not to pursue the argument with us. A black, Mercedes is sent back to let its passengers out to be checked before it goes through. We left at 16:35.

There are four soldiers present – one at the observation point, one checking vehicles, one checking pedestrians, and an officer leaning on the barrier looking tired and worn out. We are told that on Yom Kippur the checkpoint will be open. People don't have to remove their belts but only have to place their mobile phones and money on the table. There is a lot of traffic here as well. A large group of pedestrians arrives and a truck that brought them waits for 15 minutes before they go through. We left at 17:30.  

17:45 – Bezek Checkpoint
We say hello and begin to drive through. 
The attendant (angrily): Where are you coming from?
From Tayasir and Hamra.

He lets us through whether he likes it or not.