Bethlehem - checkpoint 300, first day of Succot

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Claire A. (reporting)

Bethlehem - checkpoint 300: closureinfo-icon.  Hardly anyone crossing except for a handful of tourists.  Suddenly a Palestinian arrives and shows documents but is not allowed to cross.  It transpires that he's from the Forum of Berieved Families and wishes to reach Jerusalem for a meeting.  The soldier tells him he must return to the DCL for an addtional statement that the permit is also valid for closures.  I approach the soldier.  "Look, this is a man active in the Forum for Berieved Families, they meet with students and do important and moving work.  Could you, perhaps, call the commander who will exercise judgement and send the man on to his meeting?"  The soldier points to his rank (a sergeant) and says: "Do you think I just sit here?"  Eventually he decides to check and calls (it seems) the DCL.  A few minutes later I too call the DCL and am told they're dealing with it.  Within minutes, the Palestinian receives a permit to cross to Jerusalem.