Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Tue 21.9.10, Afternoon

Yael L. J. (reporting) Avital F. (driving)

14.30 till 17.00 PM, Etzion DCL   

General remarks: On the following day the  Succot holiday starts, with a week long closureinfo-icon of all the checkpointsto Israel. Today we are only visiting Etzion DCL.

We arrived at 15.30 PM.  Six cars withPalestinian numbers parked in the parking lot. Before the open door of the  waiting hall stood 8 men and a Muslim woman. Some men told us that mostof them  were waiting for a renewal of their magnetic cards. They werefrom Beit Sahour. One of them told us that there would be no chance to renew thecards during the Jewish holidays. So they were waiting now even it was nottheir day. One young man approached us and in fluent English told us thefollowing story:He was a medical student, learning at the medical colllege in Abu Dis.To attend the lectures he has to go to Abu Dis university by bus via checkpoint Wadi Nar. Afew days ago  soldiers in Wadi Nar were picking him out of hisbus and told him that he had to appear at the Etzion DCL at 11.00 o'clock onSeptember 21, 2010. He came on time even though he missed important lectures at Abu Dis. Somebody (from Shabak?) took his ID ordering him to wait. This hedid until we came. We tried to get the attention of the soldier behind the turnstile (and thick glass) that  the student is waiting to be served. The soldier called him in and sent him to an office around the house (Shabak?). Thestudent came back with his ID and a new summon for11:00 on October 4.Again a loss of a day at the university on which he was supposed to have important tests.