Reihan, Shaked, Sun 26.9.10, Afternoon

Hana H., Yocheved G.

15:00 - Shaked checkpoint 
There is a new shed next to the soldiers', made out of black fabric.
A few fences were added around the inspection chamber.
A woman comes out of the inspection cabin and appears worried since her daughter lingers on. She finally gets out in a hurry , angry with the soldiers who didn't treat her right.

The head of the Daher-el-Malec municipality comes over with three complaints:

1. Yesterday, guests of an engagement party were detained at the checkpoint. When there was a problem with one of them, they all were detained, both going out and coming back.

2. The gate was not opened as usual at 07:00.
3. School children are forced to pass through the inspection booth despite the fact that some of them can hardly reach the door handle.

At this time he received no answers.

16:00 - Rihan checkpoint

A worker complained that in the morning on his way to Jenin, only one window was operating and only people from the West Bank who went into the SeamLine zone went through. He had to wait 40 minutes before he was allowed to cross over into the West Bank.
Only a few return from a day's work due to the closer imposed through the duration of the Jewish holyday.

16:30 - The stream of passage stops despite large numbers of worker coming back, because only one window is open.

- Everyhing stops because 3-5 people need to get out in the opposite direction and, as mentioned before, only one window is operational.
As usual , all we can do is protest that they open another window in times of pressure. Why were those windows  built in the first place?

16:32 - The worker who had just complained of the slow morning passage, came out of inspection real quickly but he had to wait another 40 minutes before his vehicle came out of inspection.