Beit Yatir, Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Sun 10.10.10, Morning

Lea S. and Paula R. (reporting)

Translated by Naomi S.

Route 60

Dahariya: a combat engineering unit is stopping cars and examining both the vehicles and the documents of those sitting in them on their way out of Dahariya.

Dura Elfawwar: a military vehicle is standing on the side.

At the turn to Beit Hagai (settlement): Soldiers examine vehicles and documents, including those of the Palestinian Authority's Customs Police.

Bani Naim: Border Police soldiers halt vehicles and examine them.

The entry to Sauyokh is blocked and goods are transferred back-to-back.



We arrived there after school children have already passed through. We met C.P.T. activists who promised to send us a photo of a house which was demolished in the course of an "extermination operation".

A resident of Hura complains of the humiliating and degrading attitude of check-up officers towards the Bedouins of Har Amsha, Metzudot Yehuda checkpoint (Beit Yatir).