Qalandiya, Mon 18.10.10, Morning

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Maya Bailey (reporting) and a friend /guest

 Qalandiya  at 6:30  and  found  hundreds of  desperate  people  either pushing to get in to the  cage  or siitting on one of the benches that are still left, with a desolate expression on their faces   When we arrived the Humanitarien  gate was empty , but it filled up with a long line of students , women, older people and babies with mothers or fathers on their way to get some medical treatment..  and  it  stayed closed for over 25 min.
 The lines moved very slowly and the pushing was unbarable.  One youn woman almost fainted and had to be lead away and a small girl was squashed and started screaming  and her father who tried to go through the Hum. gate and could not get there, tried calling the DCO  officer,  who  did not  listen ,told him to be quiet and a big fight with the policeman errupted.  The  atmosphere was tense, the waiting long, and it seems  that the bottle neck was in the security 
checking.  I called the DCO  man three times, he was very polite and tried to calm me by telling  us he works slowly,  but he has very little say in what goes on there and the police officer  just does not care  what these poor  peole go through every morning.