Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Thu 21.10.10, Morning

Shosh H., Yehudith S., Michaelia R. (reporting)


Wadi Nar

Traffic flowing.  Stray dogs of all sizes, ages and colours roaming around -- scary!!!


As soon as we arrived, a guard came up and with excessive courtesy "invited" us to stand in the shade.  We declined politely.

An elderly border policeman sits cross-legged on one of the concrete blocks and once in while "interviews" Palestinians. 

Passengers from the buses descend, stand in line in the corridor and undergo the check -- this time by a civilian guard!? Meanwhile the cross-legged b.p. summons us, investigates us and orders one of his inferiors to report "3 from human rights".  After pondering deeply he reaches the conclusion that if it's only 3 then "this is not an illegal demonstration" and we are asked to return to where we stood initially. 

Then came the order not to film.  We produce our documents from the IDF spokeperson, but they don't specify the word "crossing" and this immediately becomes the pretext to reject the permit.  After a short argument during which it was clarified that the permit refers to any "crossing" he demanded yet again a report of our doings.

A blue policeman confronts several other policemen wearing very dark blue (almost black) uniforms.  One of them curses him loudly and in language we refrain from repeating.  A propos of raising police consciousness of appropriate service?  A shameful spectacle.