Abu Dis, Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Sheikh Saed, Thu 28.10.10, Morning

Michaela R., Yehudit s., Chana A., Orra K. (reporting)




06:20  Sheikh Sa'ed
Few persons, crossing easily.
06:40  Abu Dis
[Formerly the Pishpash.]
On the road going down, in the section of the "decorated" inner wall abutting the monastery fence, the gate intended to serve the little ones coming to the monastery's kindergarten has been changed again.  A khaki coloured metal wall has been put up, topped with curls of barbed wire, and at the bottom a tiny gate  through which the kids are supposed to pass.  The yellow metal steps in use until a few weeks ago have been tossed aside together with other metal junk.   An enormous amount of money has been invested in one tiny corner of a vast system of obstacles.
07:10  Olive Terminal
Michaela entered the checkpoint, and when she arrived, the corridor was closed, leaving two waiting to cross.  When a group of school-children arrived, 2 guards came out and opened a gate near the inner turnstile.  Everyone crossed after a quick check. Michaela reported that the crossing took 10-13 minutes.
08:20 Wadi Nar
One car was checked and quickly released.  A constant stream of cars on the road going down to the Wadi.
A border-policeman tried to send us away -- unsuccessfully.
The Kedar settlement is growing at an amazing pace.
08:35 We left the check point