Eyal Crossing, Sun 31.10.10, Morning

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Ruthie R., Natalie C. (reporting); Natanya translating

We made a mistake on the road and only got to the Eyal crossing at 05.00.

There were many people there and we tried to find a place from which we could see the many people who were in line.

We met the international volunteers who told us of the happenings at the checkpoint

We were told that from .4.00 to ,4.30 1500 people had gone through. This included 67 women. Actually about 1000 people pass through every hour.

The commander told us after that that he tried to get everyone through buy 6.45.

After some minutes a security man came up and shouted at us to get away as this is the security road. We refused and he called the commander. In the end we agree to go in the footsteps of the security official and spoke to the same commander. He explained to us that our presence next to the security road made problems and that there was a danger that Israeli snipers might shoot at us. He added that usually he has no problems with the Machsomwatch women and showed us the place where we could stand.  From there we saw that the checkpoint was being well handled. As apposed to that of Itrach (the Ephraim gate).

We left at 6.30.