Reihan, Shaked, Wed 3.11.10, Morning

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Hedva H., Nava R.(reporting)

08:15 - Shaked-Tura checkpoint

Three people well groomed stand on the West side of the checkpoint trying to make a telephone call. As it turns out those are workers of the ministry of agriculture of the PA who arrived equipped with all necessary permits to cross over to the SeamLine zone to deal with forest fires and fires of olive trees in the village of A'aneen. They plan to create separators-paths as a preventive measures for spreading fires. They had crossed the checkpoint by foot but their two vehicles with equipment weren't allowed through. In the end it was me who drove them in my own car to the areas at the SeamLine zone near A'aneen on the other side of the fence.

09:10 -Rihan Barta'a

 Five loaded trucks waited for inspection. Four cars waited for passage into the SeamLine zone.

A taxi driver came over and told us that at the Dotan checkpoint, soldiers began delaying drivers. He said that one driver holds all  necessary documents but in one of the forms there was a spelling mistake when the letters P and B (in Hebrew Peh and Beit) were switched.  For that minor mistake he was delayed with his nine passengers for two hours. The driver also said that it wasn't him who had printed that form and that he doesn't even know Hebrew.